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    If you love JTT, Devon Sawa, Elijah Wood, Andrew Keegan, Matt Lawrence, Brad Renfro…etc…..please read this http://hometown.aol.com/Blubanana11 and then go to the message board located on the main page and let me know how you felt about it!


    Hi, i went on your site, it was cool!
    I didn´t have time to read your story! Sorry!
    But i love Jonathan Taylor Thomas and All the Lawrence brothers!


    Well I went to your site, read chapters 1&2 and half of 3, so far I think its full of high school drama’s. Very interesting stuff, a few mis spelling, but hey it’s just a rough draft, and more narration. Dialogue is a good things but equal amount of the both things is even better, I couldn’t read the whole thing right now but I won’t hessitate to read it latter, Don’t give up, peace out, Niki 😉


    i met two of the lawrence brothers about 3 years ago in cali on rodeo dr.! joey was hella short but they were awesome! they with some other girl and their mom! mom said andy was with dad that day! anyway they were incredibly nice people!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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