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    its funny to me cause you people will come and go maybe come back and then go again. This board has been died for awhile but I am entertained by people like you so I mess again on here still.


    [quote]on 05/06-2009 17:22 ashleymarie wrote:
    [QB]oh and b123…thank you for thanking me =)[/QB][/quote]

    no problem 🙂

    JessicaK, i find it incredibly entertaining the way you act too. the way you’re just here so you can have a go at new people as you think you’re incredibly important to this board; but you actually have no real topical jtt input though! its as if you’re actually just here cos you think you’re the boss, and you obviously enjoy and find it entertaining telling everyone to shutup! 😀


    “no real topical jtt input though” you say what? I don’t have any topical JTT input. That’s mainly what I do on here, next to playing around with you guys. If we could stay on JTT topics that isn’t insane then I wouldn’t come off as a bitch. Some people go back and reply to topics from years and years ago, they aren’t locked posts but they are pretty much dead so leave the dead alone. Even one of the Moderators admits this site is dead.

    I like this board and want to keep this board about him alive so to post recent things such as:

    “i updated my site” which leads people on here to the info from Zachary Ty Bryan’s interview some about Jonathan.

    “new pics from the extra” a Jonathan topic
    “Joel update and a picture” also about Jonathan cause Joel is his brother.

    Now given credit I was a little bored when I did the whole ‘yell at Jonathan” thing but its true so take it.

    I also posted the links to the short movies he has been in.

    I don’t think I’m boss, I don’t wanna be boss. I have been a fan of Jonathan for so many years. 14 or so now. I wanna keep the memories of growing up in love with him and would like keep the friends I do have because of him. Most my info about Jonathan now comes from all the different people I talk to all over the world about Jonathan. I’m happy to say bc of Jonathan I have some great online friends like Jac, “Allie”, Kris, Amanda, Meg and a few others. I like to come here and post about Jonathan but I hate when the same topics get posted over and over or when stupid ones like flat feet gets posted or when random not even interesting things gets posted. 😕


    thanks for the work you’ve done, i know you have done alot. i dont post to intentionally annoy you, or to make it random, and i’m sorry if my posts aren’t that interesting, but i know opinions aren’t always interesting.

    if you’re bored, then make a new topic which you would like to discuss;its just since i’ve been here (i know it hasn’t been long) you’ve just been basically telling me to shut up (apart from your web page update) and it seems that you have a major problem with me for no real reason.

    i know its hard to make things interesting with no news but…well i suppose we can’t all just stop talking because you find it boring. this site is pretty much dead now, so of course it isn’t going to be that interesting…but yeah, just post a new topic if you find things are boring….


    I just don’t like seeing things get reposted. I mean that ‘how old is everyone’ topic I was like 15 when that was started and I’m 21 now. so someone pulled that from 6 years ago. I mean come on, that’s silly. That’s like the years and years I spent dealing with the posts about Jonathan being gay every week there was a new topic ‘is Jonathan Gay?’ it was stupid and pointless.
    I could think of so much other stuff like what makes celb’s wanna run from hollywood well that’s what Jonathan did and I mean fans and media going nuts I feel for the guy. We could talk about how Tim and Jonathan disagreed. Topics about recent movies Jonathan would have been great in if he hadn’t left that life. etc. etc. I guess I have just been here to long or something cause all the posts sounds old to me cause its stuff that was talked about years and years ago.

    Jaclyn Marie

    Wow. This is very entertaining for me!

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