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    Well, the question is pretty much it, is there an official (updated) JTT website? (not that this one isnt good, it is great, but i’d like to see an official one… as i know there were before…)


    I don’t know if there’s an official site about Jonathan. All I know is that this site is probaley the most updated site. 🙂


    Well Jonathan Taylor Thomas used to have an official account at http://www.celebritysightings.com but they got taken over by http://www.alloys.com or something like that. Alloys soon got rid of the Celebrity accounts and now if I am correct http://www.celebritysightings.com now points to a porographic website thus meaning there is no longer a Jonathan official website. Sorry ;(.

    To be honest I am not sure where this webmaster(floyd) or other Jonathan Taylor Thomas webmasters get their information from, I guess the newspapers but I don’t know where they get the information from online (if they do). I also hear that Cammy’s website has the best up-to-date Jonathan news although this hasn’t been updated for a couple of months.

    IMHO you should stay with this community/website as either a member or the webmaster are likely to catch the latest news, alternatively you can try some of the websites listed in the ‘Links’ section of this site.

    [i]if telling people to go to the links section is against the rules, plz feel free to delete this [/i] 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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