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    Hi, great site 🙂 Well ‘Sony Enterteinment Television’ has just bought Home Improvement, so only the first and part of second season is on for now on Brazil (he’s the cutest kid ever huh), the show is run daily, so soon we’ll get further seasons… I just became a fan now and dont know much about him… Is there any online adress to contact him (e-mail)? And is Common Ground and Speedway Junky available over the world yet, or will take a little longer? Thanx for all, great site (once more! :P)


    Welcome to the boards FromBrazil!

    I am not sure if Speedway Junky and Common Ground are available over the world yet, but doesn’t Brazil use the same connections as America? If they do then you could order them over the Internet from places such as America and get them that way. Jonthan Taylor Thomas isn’t actually the ‘cutest kid’ anymore, he is 21 now so you could say he’s ‘a cute man’ hehe, but you already probably knew that. 😉

    Have fun around here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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