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    Infact, he probably never was. First I got this feeling. Second of all there is some representative(though it may be her or someone else with bad spelling) saying that this Natalie girl is actually married and never was engaged and that she is threatening to sue people and crap, and fan sightings have said that they have seen him with a British girl. Any thoughts on this?


    I think Natalie is telling the truth now that she is no longer together with Jonathan. I got the feeling too. But she did say she was with him and there have been other things that show that he was engaged to her. Natalie is probably married to this guy. Remember she got pregnant with his baby and they got married. That happens a lot when you get pregnant, you then get married. And it can be soon after.

    There was only 1 sighting with this british girl that I know of. Is there more than 1? I’m not sure what the source is or if it is credible on that sighting. But this sighting was in December and Natalie & Jon had already broken up anyway.


    Did she have pictures of them together on her Myspace or something?But anyways yeah I agree with you.But I wonder how long has she been married since really this whole Jonathan engaged thing came up like about late last year.


    I think Natalie had 3 pictures of them together. One was her default picture which she denies is them but I think it is because of the height thing. She also had one of them kissing on myspace in black and white but you couldn’t really see their faces. And she had one of him with his arm around her but she cropped it so you couldn’t see his face. She said he didn’t want pictures of them together on her myspace.

    I think on September 13 is when I first found out Natalie and Jon were engaged. I heard they were talking about it on the news in New York and I got some info. Then on September 15 it was on IMDB. If you look at the engaged thread there, I think it was started on Sept. 15.

    From what I know, she and Jon broke up in early November. She got together with this guy and found out she had pregnant in the middle of December. She has only been married a few weeks since the end of January. I know for sure that they were engaged, I do not know this stuff about her being married for sure.


    And in that 1 picture that was her default, they were kissing. But because of the angle of it, you could see a lot of the guy’s face and it looked like Jonathan to me. So, if it isn’t Jonathan than it is a guy who looks like him. Because of the height, I do not think it is Zac and Ashley. According to IMDB, Zac is 5’9 and Ashley is 5’3. So, I don’t know if Natalie was thinking of the right picture when she said that. She could have been thinking of something else.


    I’m very curious as to know what this Natalie girl looks like is there a link at at all? email me thanks mbree18@yahoo.com


    I also think so.


    I heard a rumor that he’s now divorced. Has anyone else heard this too?

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