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    i would seriously have to say all the ones my mom took of him and the one of he and i together:):):)


    EMAIL ME THOSE PICTURES!!! haha I wanna see him and you!!! I’ll messege you my email address if you want 😛


    How to add your pictures:-

    Find your pictures, right click, save, upload it to some webspace and then use the image tags.

    If you cant upload them then just paste the address of the image. 🙂


    thanks for the suggestion…i believe i already knew how to do that…but thanks again:) and i promise promise promise i will get the pics as soon as i can, i know alot of people have asked me already, lol…


    Aww man, I tried to but I couldn’t paste it, but I can link you to the picture I like. Ok, go to jkgallery.com/jtt.htm. When the screen loads, click on Others. First, you should see ABC. Scroll down. Next you should see Autographs. Next, milk. Next, misc. OK. Now you should see others. My favorite picture is in the first column, the one in the middle of the first column, where he’s stitting in front of what looks like a wagon wheel. I love that picture, I have it printed and in my room. WHY I like this picture is because he was about 13-15 in that pic, and this is when I liked him the best. Also, I liked his haircut and the way he styled his hair. Also, thats when I thought he was the best in acting for Home Improvement, so thats why I love that pictre SO much. Write me a message, tell me what you think:)


    hey jonathan! whats up i love that pic of you. i think u look pretty sexy 😛 email me some time! haha hotshot_jen@hotmail.com


    [img]URL[/img] }6

    Jaclyn Marie

    i love all jtt pictures!!!!



    Stop bringing up old posts, just to add to your post count, it’s silly, especially when you have nothing constructive to add to the thread.

    Jaclyn Marie

    I am not! God i have the right to post whatever i want of Jonathan!

    Jaclyn Marie

    oh yeah mine is this one


    I think it’s kinda big..but that’s how i like it!


    My favourite at the moment is in the calendars section of the gallery on this site. It’s called ‘aprils’ and its a b&w pic of Jon wearing shades, with the bottom half of his shirt unbuttoned and he’s got his hands in the air. I haven’t linked to it cos I’m not entirely sure how to!


    I have tried posting the URL between the two [img] boxes to see if that works! If not, it’s the first pic on page one!

    The reason I like it is because it’s quite arty and although it’s Jon, it seems out of character for him. I also like one other area of it, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations! :+


    [b]my favourites[/b]

    I luv contry bois :9…

    Why do i love it??-The hat i think really makes it he looks so “rugged” 😉

    …even if they are from Pennsylvainia 😀

    Why do i love it??-totally hott model look i love it!!


    Heres mine:
    [img]C:WINDOWSProfilesJohnnieMy DocumentsMy PicturesJonathan Taylor ThomasAlready on My Wall49.jpg[/img]

    He is SO HOTT WITH LONG HAIR!!!!! like in “Walking Across Egypt”. yummy, LOL :9 😀 😀 😀 😛


    Sorry, my link for the pic. didn’t work. It should show up now…

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