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    The Second Chance.

    Two very different men are brought together and learn a mutually important lesson about the real function of a church in this drama. Ethan Jenkins (Michael W. Smith) is a man in his mid-thirties who after years of scuffling as a musician on the West Coast has decided to move back East and work with his father. As it happens, his father is Jeremiah Jenkins (J. Don Ferguson), a well known and respected minister who leads the flock at “The Rock,” a massive “superchurch” where worship often looks more like a flashy multi-media presentation than a church service. Ethan becomes an associate pastor at The Rock, but it’s clear he views his mission more as a business than service to the community, and Jeremiah decides his son needs to learn a bit more about what work at a church is all about. In the early ’60s, Jeremiah helped found the Second Chance Community Church during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. The inner-city neighborhood Second Chance serves is now a crime-ridden slum, and Jeremiah sends Ethan there to assist pastor Jake Sanders (Jeff Obafemi Carr) as he tries to maintain an oasis of peace and hope in the middle of a gang-dominated war zone. Through Jake, Ethan gains some hard-won wisdom about the true nature of faith and service, and he tries to share his new knowledge with his father, whose new congregation is a far cry from where he started his mission for the Lord. The Second Chance marked the first feature film role for award-winning Christian musician Michael W. Smith. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide[/quote]

    IMDB and other leading websites have the actor as “Jonathan Thomas”. This is where confusion sits in! There are 2 Jonathan Thomas’s, 1 named “Jonathan Thomas” and the other, the one we all know – “Jonathan Taylor Thomas”. We are pretty sure the websites that have reported Jonathan Taylor Thomas as being in this movie are mistaken, however if you have seen this film and have infact spotted Jonathan Taylor Thomas then please let us know ASAP! Thanks.


    It is [b]NOT[/b] him. I saw this information a while back on jtt-fanpage.de, and I went ahead and used Google Translator and this is what I got from it…


    “In “The second chance” does not play Jonathan also. The actor, that is called Jonathan Thomas along there. MOVIES MSN should update once your data base.
    Source: movies.msn | article on-line since: 12.11.06”

    Sucks to be us. ;(


    Yup, my first reaction when I saw the MSN news when I was searching was “errr how did i miss this before?” then my second reaction was “heh this isn’t him the idiots got it wrong again”.


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