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    As you know there seems to be less and less news to report on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but purhaps we are just looking in not all the correct places?

    What I am asking you all to do is hunt around for any new news and information about the man, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and share it with us in this thread!

    [b]Rules for posting news/information in this thread:[/b]

    [b]1.)[/b] All news/information must be accuate and not made up.

    [b]2.)[/b] You must provide a Web Link to any news/information you find on the Internet.

    [b]3.)[/b] If you are locating information from an external source such as a magazine please tell us the name and date of the magazine. If possible please provide a scan on the magazine page with the news/information.

    [b]4.)[/b] We only want news/information that is recent. Any news/information that is old will be deleted.

    Thank you all for your participation and lets hope by this [b]Great Jonathan Taylor Thomas News Hunt[/b] we can locate a lot more news and information to deliver to all the Jonathan fans.

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    OK! I found something online, however I am not sure if it has been mentioned or not already on this message board, and I am not sure how reliable the source is either, but I will post it anyway and if it’s useless you can just delete the comment.

    Source: http://www.gawker.com/news/celebrity/gawker-stalker-mike-tyson-kinda-learns-that-no-means-no-145243.php

    “Hey, I don t know if I m incredibly amused or incredibly embarrassed about this one, but here goes anyway. Walking up 8th Avenue on the way to Penn Station at about 745 pm on Wednesday night and who should I pass but Home Improvement s Randy Taylor himself, the now-obscure one-time-darling of the C-list Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He is, as one might imagine, very wee. Kind of tan and plastic, but terrifyingly wholesome. Looks exactly as you would imagine. He was calmly chatting with some cute tall blond girl in her early twenties as they strolled down towards the gayborhood. Totally fucking surreal.”

    Time Frame: December 27, 2005

    I apologize if this is old news!!! But this guy is IMPOSSIBLE to find 🙂

    Jaclyn Marie

    great idea jtt4eva! i’ll keep looking for any new updates!


    hey check this website out…its pretty good actually



    [quote]on 28/09-2006 20:11 ashhast wrote:
    [QB]hey check this website out…its pretty good actually



    that website is never updated anymore, it’s last update was in 2002.

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