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    Has you may or may not have heard the space shuttle Columbia when it was re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere broke up into peices killing all 7 crew members onboard. For that I want to dedicate this thread to honor their memory.



    Actually as of now they have not confirmed that the seven have died… they’re still carrying out their search and rescue… the last i heared they hadn’t found the cockpit yet… which is where the astronauts would be… unless ofc it was disintigrated. It’s highly unlikely anyone survived but there’s still always hope.



    i wrote a letter to Ilan Ramon’s son Tal, hes 13 and really hot…i felt bad for all the kids who watched their dad/mom blow up! omg! isn’t it sad! ;( – i’m jewish so i wrote my letter o tal in hebrew and my hebrew teacher chacked it for me, i hope he writes back to me! i can’t beleive they all died! my sister was crying! ;(
    after all Ilan Ramon is a hero for israel, and all the others it doesn’t matter wat they are..its still really sad! ;(


    I feel bad for the familes too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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