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    Finally we’ve managed to add a few new functions to the Message Board.

    First we’ve added the possibility for you to upload a maximum of 10 Avatars to your profile, which can be used as you like.
    This also includes the possibility to show or hide Avatars on the MB. Hiding Avatars will give a faster experience of the MB.

    Second we’ve added the possibility to show or hide Images posted in threads. For those of you who are on a slow connection, it will make it a lot faster to load the pages turning off pictures/images.

    [B]Please note that the default setting for both Avatars and Images is OFF.[/B]
    To see images and avatars on the MB you’ll need to turn this on, done under “My Profile”.

    If you experience any difficulties, don’t hessitate to contact us.

    Any comments are more than welcome in this thread.

    Enjoy your stay, and hope to see you arround.

    Kind regards

    The JTTArchive.Net Team


    Am I the only one who sees “The page cannot be displayed” when they click on upload?


    [quote]on 06/04-2005 19:39 Jessica Kay wrote:
    [QB]Am I the only one who sees “The page cannot be displayed” when they click on upload?[/QB][/quote]

    There might be some bugs in the Avatar thingy, but I need some more information to fix your problem.
    Have you tried to upload different files? Is all files causing problems?
    Feel free to mail us at contact(at)jttarchive.net and we’ll do our best to fix the problem.

    Any others have problems, please let us know, since that’s the only way we can fix the problems.


    I can do it at other sites. I just put a image on my school message site whateva. I don’t know why its not working here.


    Well as i wrote before, I need some more info to help you.

    Try to upload another image, if that causes problems, try to e-mail me the images you try to upload, and I’ll have a look at it.

    Again sorry about the inconvenience.


    Whenever I try to click on the page that will let you upload avvies, it tells me to refresh, so I do…but then the problem is still there. It won’t load the page right now. ;(


    I haven’t tried yet but I will!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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