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    He’s baaaack! “Home Improvement” alumnus Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who viewers saw grow up on the hit ABC sitcom, has signed a six-figure deal with 20th Century Fox TV to star in a primetime series for the network, Daily Variety reports.

    Whether he’ll appear in another comedy or a drama is still up in the air, but word is that the former child star is leaning toward a drama. And if you ask a Fox exec, Thomas is more than capable of making the switch.

    “Jonathan has tremendous range,” 20th Century Fox TV Co-President Dana Walden told Variety. “He’s proven in his work on ‘Home Improvement’ and his new features that he can play both lighter and more dramatic roles.”

    Now a student at Harvard, Thomas spent seven seasons on “Home Improvement” playing Tim Allen’s middle son, Randy Taylor. His recent work includes “Common Ground,” a made-for-TV movie in which he plays a gay student, and a memorable guest-starring stint on “Ally McBeal” last season. His film credits include “Tom and Huck,” “Man of the House,” “Wild America” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”


    thats brillant news, I cant wait to see it!! 😉


    Where did you hear that?

    Not that I don’t believe you but I would like to be sure. 😉 😛


    He is not “back” and this news was taken from the 23 October 2000, part of the report is on IMDB the link to this [b]old[/b] news is at:


    I hope people don’t get their hopes up with this as it is completely false news.

    Ms_Thomas please stop posting old stuff on these boards, it’s annoying and you’ll only end up getting yourself banned.

    Thank you.


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