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    Jaclyn Marie

    I really don’t know if it’s true or not….

    But, I found this….

    [i]Jonathan Taylor Thomas is currently involved in a new film project with director Russ Novak (Past films include: Lunchtime in the Underbelly, Squak, The Telling Glare and Francis Found)
    The film, entitled “Run Around”, is set for release in the summer of 2009. In the film, Thomas reportedly plays a troubled young man, Arnold, whose past has come back to haunt him in the form of his estranged father (Rick Moranis) and a nosy FBI agent (Reginald ValJohnson). Will Arnold be able to escape the years of sexual abuse, and the charges of serial date rape and vehicular manslaughter, which he thought he’d left behind for good? Or will his new girlfriend (Lucy Lawless) conspire with his father and the agent assigned to his case to put him in the big house on the hills?
    Check out “Run Around”, coming next summer, to find out. [/i]


    We should find out. Summer ends next month.


    I remember some of that b/c of the part about Lucy Lawless. I think its a rumor I would love it if it wasn’t but I don’t know. ;(

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