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    Hey all 🙂
    I am a huge fan of Jonathans and was wondering if any one knows where Jtt lives ?) and a fan mail address direct to him 🙂 please let me know thanx’s, great site by the way.

    Tara 🙂


    Hey Tara!
    I am a big Jon fan too.
    Sorry i dont know where he lives or a fan mail address!
    You use faces a whole lot dont you? 😉

    In your profile there is no email address, so i cant contact you.


    Hay Tara 😉

    hoe u doin?? as far as i know Jon lives in a place called Westlake Village in California, when he’s not at Uni. As far as a fan address i cant think of any that i’ve sent a letter to him that i’ve gotten a reply. So Sorry!

    Phoenix }6


    I wish I wasn’t so behind on everything! LOL Like 6 years ago I wrote to him and got a postcard back, it was like copied and everything but still. hehe. I wish I could find it now … err!!! 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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